Saturday, June 16, 2012

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 Welcome to the
 1st Annual PSRG Antenna Party (June 9, 2012) BLOG
This BLOG is the "clearing house" for collecting the photos, videos, and audio recorded at our very first Annual PSRG Antenna Party (2012) graciously hosted by Carol [KF7TNO] and the always locquacious EJ [KF7TNP] on Saturday, June 9, 2012.

Carol [KF7TNO] and the always locquacious EJ [KF7TNP]
Carol  [KF7TNO]: "Some People Raise Gardens -- I Raise Antennas" and
  EJ [KF7TNP]: "This is Your Brain on HAM Radio"

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PHOTO LINKS: The 1st Annual PSRG Antenna Party Photo Collection

The 1st Annual PSRG Antenna Party Photo Collection
Saturday -- June 9, 2012
Grid: Carol [KF7TNO] & EJ [KF7TNP] Antenna Farm
(RFD Maple Leaf)

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    Photos and videos from:
Steve [N7GWG] -- (Updated Link 2012-07-16)
From Chuck [KE7SA] -- (Link)
From Dapper Farmer Dale [KF7QME] -- (Link)
From Lois [KE7YZF] --  (See Below)
From LW [K7LWA] -- (See Below)

Links on PSRG.ORG website:
KF7QME Dale -- Antenna party pictures
Dale, KF7QME

Carol's Party Video -- Video by Chuck KE7SA
Barry, K7PAL

Carol's Antenna Party -- Pics from the party
Barry, K7PAL

"Nobody's here -- except us chickens and hams" -- D.F. Dale (circa.2012)


 Lois [KE7YZF]'s Party photos

 Shelley's [KF7TBA] Party photos

Dapper Farmer Dale [KF7QME] finishes his 9 O'Clock (PM) Net check-in with Lee [N7KC]
Hostess Carol [KF7TNO] takes a break before starting to wash the paper plates (the towel is for EJ [KF7TNP])
EJ [KF7TNP] (having noticed the dish towel) begins his Michael Jackson's Moonwalk escape
Shelley [KF7TBA] sings: " I got the whole HAM WORLD in my hands,..."
Shelley [KF7TBA] looking for applause (of one hand clapping....)
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